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In the Wake of Determination

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APERTURE: Lab Ratt (A Portal Short Film)

Rattmann returns in APERTURE: Shadows: Subscribe for more PORTAL: Our new web series "Wish It Inc." stars voice of GLaDOS Ellen McLain: APERTURE: Lab Ratt is a live action interpretation of VALVe's web comic 'Portal 2: Lab Rat' and follows the story of the schizophrenic hero behind the walls, Doug Rattmann, as he tries to save Chell and ruin GLaDOS. Follow Synthetic: Videos: Facebook: Tumblr: Twitter: G+: Get your own Aperture Science ID Badge! MUSIC "In A Dream" ( "I'm Not Here" ( "SFHK (Mental Breakdown)" ( "Back To The Start" ( "Halls Of Science 4 Cover" ( By johnny_ripper: & "Something Strange" ( & "And The Sky Opened Up" ( By Matthew Mercer » For ALL music heard in Lab Ratt & Shadows » ©2012 Synthetic PictureHaus (Ryan Anthony Martin & Nick Celentano) Portal & the Portal logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of VALVe Corporation.


The Story of The Naaru [Lore]

The Naaru, beings of pure light and enemies to the Burning Legion. Where did they come from and what have they done? That's what we're going to find out! ===...

(11) America, the Story of US - Superpower

(10) America, the Story of US - World War II

Focusrite // The Story of the Focusrite Studio Console

WIN a once in a lifetime recording opportunity! Click [Show More] for more details on the video and how to enter!...

A New Story of the People

Visit to explore the world of sustainability. Visit for more from Charles Eisenstein How do we change...

The true story of 'true' - Gina Cooke

View full lesson: The older the word, the longer (and more fascinating) the story. With roots in ...

(12) America, the Story of US - Millennium

Story of the Year - Page Avenue (Full Album)

Check out my band promotion page on Facebook: Thanks! :)

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

"The True Story of the Three Little Pigs" by Jon Scieszka. Illustrations by Lane Smith. Read by martellorules I do ...