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In the Wake of Determination

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HOME Хэку - 21 May 2013 in JORDAN

Exclusive Premiere At Rainbow Theater 1st Circle, Rainbow Street Tuesday 21may ............... 7:15pm, 9:15pm Wednesday 22may ............... 9:15pm Thursday 23may The Making Of Home 7:15pm Thursday 23may ............... 9:15pm Friday 24may ............... 4:30, 6:30, 8:30pm Saturday 25may ............... 4:30, 6:30, 8:30pm Sunday 26may ............... 9:15pm Monday 27may ............... 9:15pm Tuesday 28may ............... 9:15pm Ticket Price 6 JD Call For Reservations (06) 461 00 77 0785309000 العرض الأول والحصري في الأردن في مسرح الريبنو الدوار الأول - شارع الرينبو - بناية روتانا كافيه الثلاثاء ٢١ - ٥ الساعة ٧:١٥ والساعة ٩:١٥ الأربعاء ٢٢ - ٥ الساعة ٩:١٥ الخميس ٢٣ - ٥ عرض صناعة الفيلم الساعة ٧:١٥ عرض الفيلم الساعة ٩:١٥ الجمعة ٢٤ - ٥ الساعة ٤:٣٠ والساعة ٦:٣٠ والساعة ٨:٣٠ السبت ٢٥ - ٥ الساعة ٤:٣٠ والساعة ٦:٣٠ والساعة ٨:٣٠ الأحد ٢٦ - ٥ الساعة ٩:١٥ الإثنين ٢٧ - ٥ الساعة ٩:١٥ الثلاثاء ٢٨ - ٥ الساعة ٩:١٥ سعر التذكرة ٦ دنانير للحجز والإستفسار ٤٦١٠٠٧٧ - ٠٦ ٠٧٨٥٣٠٩٠٠٠ Order home movie package Now Exclusively In Jordan Through Al Jeel Al Jadeed Club home movie package comes as 1 dvd and 1 audio cd Soundtrack Limited Packages Available Call Now 077 - 9 - 702 - 021 079 - 9 - 606 - 123 06 - 5 - 810 - 611 Also please join this group نرجو لمن يرغب بشراء نسخة من الفيلم الإنضمام الى هذه المجموعة .. For More Info VISIT Watch more HOME -- Хэку Is a new Circassian perspective unlike anything ever seen or made before in theatres or cinema. It has the quality of an inner journey through pure circassian imagery that resonates within us, it's a journey you can take again & again. A heartwarming insight of Circassians life and history. A film that will fullfill the viewer, especially of Circassian origin, with one minute of pleasure and sadness , As well as nostalgia for homeland. An Ashraf Jankot Production A Mutaz Jankot Film THINKFILMz LTD A JANKOT MOTION PICTURE PRODUCTION COMPANY


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