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In the Wake of Determination

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...BOOZE 'em DRUG'em FREEZE'em The story of the B.D.F. serial killer

December 2004 missing chapter. " The deal with god" Rickster was a religious man to some degree and had a connection with God, often Rickster talked to God ,but the way Rickster prayed was different , it was almost like Rickster was talking to God and God talked back. Often Rickster would ask God for simple things and God would grant it, One night Rickster decided to challenge his faith with this God, Rickster had asked God if he could be resurrected, God replied "You know you must die first before you can be resurrected" Rickster was astonished and said"I never thought of that" God replied back" do you trust me" Rickster wanted to think about it for a minute , it did not take long for Rick to decide given what God has done for him before so Rickster replied "Ok I trust you lets do it" , God says "Ok you will be resurrected, but after the resurrection you must tell the whole world about it and how it happened" , Rickster asked God how he was going to die ,God replied "I can not tell you this, you must trust in the resurrection, If I tell you how you will die you will change the events that lead up to it and it will not happen , but I can tell you it will happen in 2 days". Rickster was not too sure about what just happened but the thought of how he was going to die lingered in his head at least he knew it was going to happen in a few days. A day passed, and only one more to go before Rickster was to be leaving to go back home to see his family, Rick thought about the night he asked God to be resurrected and he really wished he knew how he was going to die since the time of the death and resurrection was getting closer.


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