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In Their Darkened Shrines

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  • I can’t believe it. I picked this up on wednesday, and I can’t stop listening to it. I saw them live a couple weeks back when the played an LA show and the new material was great. Due to the “liveness” of the show it was hard to really rate how good the new stuff was, but upon purchasing this album it confirmed the acclaimed technicality, brutality, and moreover originality of the Nile I know and love. This CD is more than just the Nile you know and love, though. Its an hour long death metal masterpiece that integrates their old Nephren-Ka styles with amazing new progressive sounds. Their “other” guitarist, Dallas Toler-Wade, writes many songs and lyrics on this CD which makes this album more diverse and interesting from the start. Karl Sanders’ patented “Egyptian death metal” definately has evolved and inspired him to spawn new amazing works such as the 12 minute long “Unas, Slayer Of The Gods”, which combines the Nephren-Ka chunkiness and heaviness with the Black Seeds progressiveness. Songs such as “Sarcophagus” revisit Nile’s old Festivals Of Atonement style, and new material such as “Invocation To Seditious Heresy” take extreme metal into the heavens (or hells!).The CD is amazing. Its probably one of the most complex and highly evolved metal releases ever. The musicians are true masters of their instruments and lyrical knowledge that they command. Bottom line:Strong points – Sander’s amazing new songs, Increased productivity from 2nd guitarist Dallas Toler-Wade, new drummer that is UNHOLY, the CD case and booklet are really “gourmet”Weaknesses – NONE

    Posted on February 19, 2010