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In Their Darkened Shrines

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  • I’m not a huge fan of the American death metal scene. Often boringly derivative and filled with juvenile, not very scary, gore obsessed lyrics, I’ve always found it unappealing. Nile are like a breath of fresh air. Each of their albums are excellent and this one is no exception.This albums picks up where “Black Seeds of Vengeance” finished, further developing the mixture of non-metal egyptian themed music with brutal high-speed death metal riffing. There’s also more variation here with more moments of slow, crunchy doom syle moments with the song “sarcophogus” worthy of note. The album is strong throughout and never fails to sustain your interest. The compositions are at times insanely complex and take many listens to digest. There’s not much in the way of catchy riffs except in some of the aforementioned slower parts, this is mostly continous high speed thrash. As many people have already mentioned the drumming is mindblowing. The vocals could be better (Sander’s vocals on “In the Beginning” were actually somewhat audible without the use of the lyric sheet) , but don’t really detract from the experience. A shame though, because the lyrics are interesting, far better than the childish gore-obsessed ravings of other bands. Overall, an inspired and refresing slice of high speed death metal.

    Posted on February 19, 2010