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In Your Honor

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  • Potential buyers who wish to play this “copy protected” CD on their computers are advised that their machine will be infected by malicious software if they attempt to do so. THIS SOFTWARE WILL BE INSTALLED, WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT, EVEN IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO ACCEPT THE LISCENSE AGREEMENT!!. Additional deceptive practices are used to make detection and removal of this software difficult (e.g., by altering the datestamp of the installed file)

    This practice should be unlawful and, indeed, in most countries it is. Unfortunately, the US government is more interested in protecting the rights of corporations than it is the rights of its citizens. The only recourse Americans have is to expose manufactures who use such deceptive practices and to refuse to purchase their products

    In response to the commentator (June 29, 2006) who wrote that the software was “annoying, but very easy to surpass…If you don’t mind doing a little research”: Even if you have the time and expertise necessary to research the issue, PLEASE consider the broader implications of buying products like this. If corporations are allowed to succeed in such relatively benign experiments, there is nothing to prevent them from installing more sophisticated and ambitious software in the future …software which would be more difficult to remove and which would pose a greater threat to your privacy. For example, the software installed by CD could easily be modified to serve as spyware or to sabotage programs the manufacturer doesn’t want you to use. HELP STOP THIS THREAT IN THE BUD: PLEASE DO NOT BUY THESE “COPY PROTECTED” CDS AND BOYCOTT THE COMPANIES THAT MANUFACTURE THEM.

    For help in repairing systems compromised by this CD, I suggest you begin by searching the Web using the keyword “SbcpHid.sys” (the name of a file installed by the CD in the WindowsSystem32Drivers directory).

    Posted on January 16, 2010