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  • My review of Disturbed’s debut The Sickness labeled them “The New Kings of Metal”. I think that there would be more than Ten Thousand Fists in the air in agreement that Disturbed certainly still hold their position in the hierarchy of Metal with the release of this new disk.

    What an impressive follow-up Indestructible is to Disturbed’s Ten Thousand Fists. Indestructible is a disk of hard rocking, melodic music with terrific vocals by David Draiman that can be understood all the way through. Dan Donegan (guitar) and Mike Wengren (drums) once again work together in a way that keeps every song rocking along with head bobbin, foot stompin precision (this as opposed to music where the drums and bass merely keep time in the background).

    There are many bands trying to be hard these days. Disturbed do not have to try. Clearly their music is what comes naturally to them. Indestructible is not the awful manufactured Pop Metal like Nickelback and most recently the American Idol cookie cutter music from the likes of Daughtry and David Cook. Indestructible is straight-up Hard Rock.

    In my last review of Disturbed’s music I called them Metal and caught a lot of flack from fans of hardcore bands like Lamb of God and Slipknot who said Disturbed isn’t Metal. I say Disturbed is Metal. Disturbed sounds a lot more like the pioneers of Metal like Zeppelin, Priest and Maiden than some of the unlistenable Nu Metal and Hardcore Metal that seems to have taken over today.

    If fact, Indestructible is Disturbed’s first CD where Donegan is fully released from guitar solo prison. Donegan is clearly one of the more talented guitarists on the Hard Rock scene today. But when Nu Metal became popular, it became taboo for a band to include guitar solos, and Hard Rock bands like Disturbed were guitar solo-silenced…much to the chagrin of outspoken critics like the great Zakk Wylde (of Ozzy fame). But fear not, Zakk, because one listen to Indestructible will bring a giant guitar soloist smile to your face.

    Indestructible is Heavy Metal in its most grass roots form of the art…vocals that you can follow, harmonies, melody, intensity…a uniqueness to each song where there is no confusion as to whether the track has changed. Indestructible is great, hard rockin’ fun.

    This disk is an absolute must for your Metal/Hard Rock collection. That’s right…I said Metal.

    Posted on March 2, 2010