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  • Let me start out by saying that I am not really a fan of any radio or mainstream music in general. Not because I am closed minded at all, but rather the music is generally too simplistic and dumbed down for mass appeal. After growing up a metal fan and sticking with metal bands like Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Metal Church etc.. even through the alternative grunge years, I just couldn’t simplify myself and accept a lot of these bands after I had heard so much better before. It was also hard to respect any of this music as a guitar player because it was so easy and unchallenging to play.

    Eventually metal started slowly coming back again in the underground led by great but unknown bands like Nevermore (who Disturbed rightfully took on their European tour), Iced Earth, Evergrey, Symphony X, Brainstorm, etc… Now even a mainstream act like Disturbed, who started out as nu-metal, have mostly shed all of those aspects and have morphed into a more traditional modernized metal sound with guitar solos and everything! Funny how just a few years ago bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest were mocked and made fun of in the US, yet ironically now being labeled as nu-metal is considered uncool? Ahh we’re such a trendy country with little integrity musically aren’t we?

    Anyway Disturbed is a mainstream act I like, although I can’t think of any others (maybe Sevendust as well if you consider them mainstream). With their new effort ‘Indestructable’ I find myself liking and respecting them even more. I am glad there is actually a good mainstream metal/rock act out there and I do not hate on them like so many ‘metal elitists’ choose to. This album is a little more complex for Disturbed. It’s not as catchy as TTF and actually challenges the listener a little more. Dan’s guitar solos have been taken up a notch and most songs have a guitar solo! Good to know corporate radio stations are actually allowing solos now! Hasn’t killed anybody yet has it? What’s next, is ‘Fall Out Boy’ actually going to get heavier? Well it might take a few testosterone injections into those boys but you never know?

    Bottom line is this is probably Disturbed’s best and most METAL album yet! Good job guys! Maybe there is actually a shred of hope for good bands with actual talent to be heard in America. But note (WARNING) to the band: If real metal becomes uncool or not the ‘In Thing’ again please do not drop soloing and revert back to the trendy sound of the month! You will be respected more in the long run if you keep your integrity rather than chase the trend. Do I need to give any better example than ‘Metallica’???

    Respect….for now!

    Posted on March 2, 2010