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  • It took me a few listens to really get involved with what they were trying to accomplish with Indestructible, but it is truly a great release. Its definitely not as immediately accessible as 10,000 Fists (which hits you right in the face instantly). But this is a super release, one that can be listened to from beginning to end over and over.

    I never get sick of David Draimans voice, as he can go from harsh to growl to melodic in the same passage. He is for sure a great frontman and serious vocalist in the metal world.

    The band is tighter than ever, and the tunes just pound and pound away at you. Its really a great listen, especially if you need a few spins and some time in between to get used to this new collection of music from Disturbed. Definitely a great addition to 2008’s music. I pre-ordered it and would do the same again!!

    Posted on March 3, 2010