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Individual Thought Patterns

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  • Chuck Schuldiner will be dearly missed. After listening to his incredible work, I perpetually think about how saddened I am. It brings a tear to my eye to think that such a prolific, hard working soul was taken away from the world. It’s a shame that life throws these obstacles at you. He is a true metal mastermind, and he will forever influence many musical generations. He has left a legacy behind, and no metal musician will be able to say that they have not been influenced by Mr. Schuldiner.”Individual Thought Patterns” was a big step forward in the progressive direction for Death. Instead of head-on brutality, Chuck implemeneted sweet melodies and guitar harmonies, and he also offerred variations in speed to avoid monotony. The songs have elaborate structures but they don’t sacrifice the sheer awesomeness of their sound. Chuck also could not have recruited a better group of musicians to record this album. The line-up reads as a who’s who of metal legends. On second guitar, we have Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), who is one hell of a shredder, but also holds great melody. The arpeggios on this album are utterly jaw-dropping, thanks to him and Chuck. Next, we have Steve DiGiorgio (Sadus, Testament), who is easily one of the best bassists in metal. He even plays a fretless bass! How awesome is that? Finally, there is Gene Hoglan (Dark Angel, Strapping Young Lad, Testament), who is arguably the king of thrash metal drumming. He just plain rules arse. Finally, Chuck’s guitar playing and vocals are phenomenal. He and Andy dish out amazing solos, and his vocals are (I take pride in this description) downright evil. If you like traditional Death, then this may not be for you. However, I own Leprosy and Scream Bloody Gore, which I absolutely love, but Individual Thought Patterns is my favorite. It’s unbelievable. I must also point out that this album gave melodic death metal a good jump start (bands like At The Gates and In Flames would carry the torch later). Anyway, if you have any concern for your METAL health, buy this. You won’t regret it.Some highlights:Overactive Imagination: Chuck and company get the ball rolling immediately. The thrash level is insane on this track! Awesome solos by Chuck and Andy, too. One of my faves.In Human Form: Awesome mid paced metal-fest. Cool solo breaks throughout the song. Those arpeggios are so infectious!Trapped In A Corner: Probably the best song the album has to offer. Excellent, extensive solos, and riffs that drive you crazy.Mentally Blind: Simply awesome. Chuck can do no wrong.The Philosopher: Excellent closing song. Cool finger tapping intro, and heaviness to follow. There you have it folks. BUY THIS!

    Posted on November 16, 2009