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Individual Thought Patterns

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  • “Individual Thought Patterns” may be loosely classifiable as death metal, but such a genre-bending masterpiece as this one goes far beyond the confines of one genre. Here death combine elements of death, thrash, and progressive metal to create a very heavy album that also boasts a potent groove. “Individual Thought Patterns” is a magnificent balancing act that blends heaviness, technical precision, and top-notch songcraft. The late Chuck Schuldiner’s vocals blend screaming and singing for a fairly unique style. The guitar riffs aren’t really all that heavy, but they’re fast, precise and cruncy, backed up by lightning-fast drumming and flowing bass lines. This album is perfect for death metal neophytes like myself, and recommended for fans of death-thrash hybrids like Sepultura and Slayer, or even pure thrash bands like Metallica or Megadeth.

    Posted on November 16, 2009