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Inevitable Collapse in the Presence of Conviction

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  • This CD is excellent.. If you are a true fan of metal and are tired of the cookie cutter sing-a-likes. You should by all means buy this and spin it multiple times. These guys are on top of their game. The lead guitarist Brian Patton shreds with the blues like none other I have heard, at least since the Dimebag. The groove he lays out is nothing less than addictive.. Thats right, I said groove, it is in there, I’m talking behemoth swamp groove blues grind. I recently read in blender magazine where they stated tomas haake of meshuggah is the number one drummer in metal.. I beg to differ. He is really good dont get me wrong. but Tommy Buckley I think to be the better.. He is tight and ALL OVER this piece. His double bass Drives this badboy through stops and starts and fills commandingly. The singer Ben Falgoust complimenting perfectly, guttorally, and a bit Anselmo-ish. Given they are both from New Orleans its easy to understand.. I bought my first Soilent Green album in ‘98, Sewn Mouth Secrets.. I shelved it for a while, I didnt play it much. I guess I was more mainstreamish at the time, Boy was I a fool. Then i bought Confrontation and abruptly “saw the light”. Now I CANT STOP listening to ALL their albums.. Everything else is crappy and hollow now. These guys, like Mesuggah, speak a whole new metal language and should NOT be overlooked or underlistened. The Real Deal, the Crown Jewel of Southern metal! Stop wasting time and money, fill the void in your metal and get this! Your welcome..

    Posted on January 4, 2010