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  • Having been a Motorhead fan for twenty five years, I must admit, I found some of the band’s material circa early 1990’s to be somewhat lacking. Motorhead had become too “generic”, while some of the songs packed a bigger punch live, the studio efforts were coming across as “by-the-numbers” Motorhead, not terribly memorable or interesting, not awful, but not good, either. “Hammered” was a pretty good album, however, and “Inferno” is in my opinion the best Motorhead studio album since “Bastards”. The production is a lot cleaner, albums like “Sacrifice” had a sort of cheap sludgy sound that wasn’t truly representative of the band’s talents. The band has really come together as a three piece after struggling for a while to define themselves, Lemmy is in fine form throughout, and having seen Motorhead on their 2005 tour I can attest they are as tight and savagely loud as ever. This is a solid, ass kicking rock and roll album, as performed by men who know what they’re doing and are utterly unrepentant about it.

    Posted on December 7, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Compare Motorhead with Metallica since 1991: Metallica had studio albums in 91, 96 (Load and Reload were from the same sessions), 98 (Garage Inc. was old and new), and St. Anger from last year (puke). That’s it. Motorhead had studio albums in 91,92,93,95,96,98,00,02,and 04. They also had a great live album in 99. Each one of those albums rock – better than anything else out there. It’s a CRIME that this band doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Inferno is their all time best work. And I know my Motorhead – all the way back to 1975.Go do yourself a favor and “discover” this band. Take your time. Then one day it will hit you like a ton of bricks. You’ll say to yourself: “These guys really are the best! Nobody can out play them.” Lemmy will tell you why: It’s because Motorhead is a blues band. Without the blues, hard rock is flavorless. Motorhead has the hardest flavor of anyone.

    Posted on December 6, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I have to admit I am a late starter when it comes to Motorhead. Apart from hearing a couple of tracks over the years (Ace of Spades and Bomber), I am a Motorhead Virgin.

    WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING?!! This is superb! After becoming a bit disillusioned with so much rubbish that is being released lately I though I would try Inferno…desperately hoping that it was just simple headbanging rock and roll.. BY GOD this delivers!

    The first track ‘Terminal Show’ is a blinder- just sets the tone know what you are going to get!! 11 Tracks of stomping metal/rock – simple, yet addictively good. Plus an excellent blues track at the end. Shows that Lemmy can turn his hand to most things.

    Motorhead are a vastly under-rated band – a crime really, as their back catalogue (I am now a convert!) is full of excellent albums. Lemmy is the ultimate rock anti-hero – just slings his bass on and gets on with it, none of your posturing or theatrics. The band as a whole are tight, with excellent catchy riffs, great guitar work and fantastic drums. Steve Vai guests on a couple of tracks and just follows the band’s lead and gets down and dirty!

    Altogether now…Motorhead ARE the Daddies!! You need this album in your collection…full questions…Don’t think, just do it!!

    Posted on December 6, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • While Motorhead will never be the same without “Fast” Eddie Clarke (kinda like KISS without Ace), this is arguably the groups strongest effort since “Ace Of Spades”. The crowning achievement is Phil Campbell’s guitar playing. Phil must have gone back and retaken “Angus 101″ because the killer riffs are flyin’ big time. He even lets out a few “fuzz-wah” solos that would make former guitarist Brian Robertson sit up and take notice. Mickey Dee’s drumming is as brilliant as ever; one of metal’s best. Lemmy? Recharged, juiced, reborn, dynamic, inspired…do I need to keep going? His singing is all killer, no filler; you could swear the vocals were recorded 25 years ago. Finally you have the appearance of fretboard wiz Steve Vai, yawn, on few tracks. Vai, not being a “heavy metal” player per se, sounds a little out of place here; similar to the way a previously mentioned Brian Robertson did on the “Another Perfect Day” album. Vai’s playing is technically brilliant (and okay for David Lee Roth), but just a little too slick & elegant for “heavy metal”…let alone a Motorhead album. Regardless, Vai’s presence obviously has raised Campbell’s playing to a new level. I have always been disappointed in Campbell’s guitar work. I never felt he was able to handle the guitar chores on his own since the departure of Wurzel after the “Bastards” album. I am happy to admit he has finally proved me wrong. For the diehard Motorhead fan, adding this album to “cart” is a no brainer. Heck for any fan of metal this is a no brainer. Could this be the best metal album of 2004? It has my vote.

    Posted on December 6, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Call this what you want–punk, punk metal, speed metal, groove metal, or just good ol’ fashioned heavy metal done right. Whatever it is, it’s a dang fine listen. “Inferno” is Motorhead’s finest album since they made “Ace of Spades” in the ’70’s. They’re just as inspired and exciting here as they were when they made “Ace of Spades”. As Blender magazine said, ” a fragrant chunk of superloud rhythm and roar”.
    Most of these songs are pretty repetitive (just one riff running throughtout the whole song, plus a guitar solo or two.)But the riffs are meaty, speedy, and dang catchy and the guitar solos are usually really good, too. In addition, Lemmy’s voice and lyrics are gruff but catchy.

    “The Terminal Show” shoots out of the gate. From the first to the last second, this song is sheer excitement. The riff is so propulsive and fast, it kind of makes this song sound like a Slayer tune. Plus, the guitar solo, which lasts 25 seconds, is wild.
    “Down on Me” has a guitar riff which goes up and down throughout the song (making a “ner nah ner” sound), but the two guitar solos, which are whiney and even a bit shrieky, drag this song down a bit.
    “In the Black” has chug-chug riffing with two more shredding guitar solos. One of the guitar solos is a wailing one, the other makes a “wah wah” sound in places.
    “Fight” opens with a lumbering riff, then turns to a fast chug, while Lemmy sings “Fight! Fight! Right…fight!”
    The last track, “Whorehoues Blues”, is indeed a bluesy, acoustic track which sort of sounds like a Johnny Cash song, (except it has a harmonica…and Lemmy is singing about, um, call girls.) I found myself tapping my foot to this song.

    The bottom line is, “Inferno” is the sound of Motorhead at the top of their game. If you wonder what it was like listening to Motorhead for the first time back in the ’70’s, pick this C.D. up, you will not be disappointed.

    Posted on December 6, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now