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  • Call this what you want–punk, punk metal, speed metal, groove metal, or just good ol’ fashioned heavy metal done right. Whatever it is, it’s a dang fine listen. “Inferno” is Motorhead’s finest album since they made “Ace of Spades” in the ’70’s. They’re just as inspired and exciting here as they were when they made “Ace of Spades”. As Blender magazine said, ” a fragrant chunk of superloud rhythm and roar”.
    Most of these songs are pretty repetitive (just one riff running throughtout the whole song, plus a guitar solo or two.)But the riffs are meaty, speedy, and dang catchy and the guitar solos are usually really good, too. In addition, Lemmy’s voice and lyrics are gruff but catchy.

    “The Terminal Show” shoots out of the gate. From the first to the last second, this song is sheer excitement. The riff is so propulsive and fast, it kind of makes this song sound like a Slayer tune. Plus, the guitar solo, which lasts 25 seconds, is wild.
    “Down on Me” has a guitar riff which goes up and down throughout the song (making a “ner nah ner” sound), but the two guitar solos, which are whiney and even a bit shrieky, drag this song down a bit.
    “In the Black” has chug-chug riffing with two more shredding guitar solos. One of the guitar solos is a wailing one, the other makes a “wah wah” sound in places.
    “Fight” opens with a lumbering riff, then turns to a fast chug, while Lemmy sings “Fight! Fight! Right…fight!”
    The last track, “Whorehoues Blues”, is indeed a bluesy, acoustic track which sort of sounds like a Johnny Cash song, (except it has a harmonica…and Lemmy is singing about, um, call girls.) I found myself tapping my foot to this song.

    The bottom line is, “Inferno” is the sound of Motorhead at the top of their game. If you wonder what it was like listening to Motorhead for the first time back in the ’70’s, pick this C.D. up, you will not be disappointed.

    Posted on December 6, 2009