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  • I have to admit I am a late starter when it comes to Motorhead. Apart from hearing a couple of tracks over the years (Ace of Spades and Bomber), I am a Motorhead Virgin.

    WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING?!! This is superb! After becoming a bit disillusioned with so much rubbish that is being released lately I though I would try Inferno…desperately hoping that it was just simple headbanging rock and roll.. BY GOD this delivers!

    The first track ‘Terminal Show’ is a blinder- just sets the tone know what you are going to get!! 11 Tracks of stomping metal/rock – simple, yet addictively good. Plus an excellent blues track at the end. Shows that Lemmy can turn his hand to most things.

    Motorhead are a vastly under-rated band – a crime really, as their back catalogue (I am now a convert!) is full of excellent albums. Lemmy is the ultimate rock anti-hero – just slings his bass on and gets on with it, none of your posturing or theatrics. The band as a whole are tight, with excellent catchy riffs, great guitar work and fantastic drums. Steve Vai guests on a couple of tracks and just follows the band’s lead and gets down and dirty!

    Altogether now…Motorhead ARE the Daddies!! You need this album in your collection…full questions…Don’t think, just do it!!

    Posted on December 6, 2009