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  • Having been a Motorhead fan for twenty five years, I must admit, I found some of the band’s material circa early 1990’s to be somewhat lacking. Motorhead had become too “generic”, while some of the songs packed a bigger punch live, the studio efforts were coming across as “by-the-numbers” Motorhead, not terribly memorable or interesting, not awful, but not good, either. “Hammered” was a pretty good album, however, and “Inferno” is in my opinion the best Motorhead studio album since “Bastards”. The production is a lot cleaner, albums like “Sacrifice” had a sort of cheap sludgy sound that wasn’t truly representative of the band’s talents. The band has really come together as a three piece after struggling for a while to define themselves, Lemmy is in fine form throughout, and having seen Motorhead on their 2005 tour I can attest they are as tight and savagely loud as ever. This is a solid, ass kicking rock and roll album, as performed by men who know what they’re doing and are utterly unrepentant about it.

    Posted on December 7, 2009