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  • Okay, so yeah, it is VERY Disturbing to see that “People who bought this title also bought titles from: Nelly.” But hey, don’t even pay any mind to the MTV kids under 13. Papa Roach is a very good band who happened to have a song that blew up on TRL. That doesn’t make them sell-outs, and it especially doesn’t make the music any worse than it was before it got big. Hear me, Amir? Fact is Papa Roach mix alot of styles, and the one thing that caught my ear was how they mix punk and reggae in with the usual Iron Maiden-type riffs and aggro-male lyrics. Even though the lyrics aren’t great, for some reason it’s easier to take P-Roach seriously than say, Limp Bizkit. Why? Maybe it’s because this band actually has some indie cred, unlike say, Disturbed. Okay, so Coby Dick comes off as his last name sometimes when he’s on TV, but the music is good. The best songs on this album are probably the ultra-catchy Last Resort, Broken Home, Between Angels and Insects, and the bonus track which I absolutely love for it’s deep reggae-tinged bass. You can say what you want, but this is for the kids who voted for Incubus and the deftones on TRL, not the kids who voted for Nelly.

    Posted on January 13, 2010