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  • no offense to those who actually like them, but to me, an impartial listener who neither liked nor disliked the band before i bought INFEST, this band seems kind of fake. they seem to be cashing in on the trend of rebelling for no real reason, and encourage impressionable youngsters to play into their fake “angst.” I mean, what’s this singer’s problem, anyway? What is he rebelling against? Making a lot of money? Getting played on MTV and being hounded by young women? It seems to me that this person is one of those types who tries to sell a product by trying to come off as “deep” and “troubled.” Listening to his snotty vocals and fake word-emphasis (’saaahfachhation,’ noooo breathing…) is really just annoying and I’d much rather listen to some other band do it who has a less transparent version of a “message.”

    Posted on January 13, 2010