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No Description Available.Genre: Popular MusicMedia Format: Compact DiskRating: Release Date: 24-SEP-2002

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  • CKY is one of those bands that seem to be everywhere, mostly around psuedo-punk kids who have no respect for chords or real punk music. so, when i picked this cd up i was prepared to laugh and make create a -10 rating. wow, did i feel like an idiot. this album is amazing. it’s not just mere punk, it’s not “skateboard punk” either. it’s mature music, not stupid teeny bopper, my heart is broken, lubby dubby love song, pseudo-punk crap. this album cannot possibly be JUST punk, and if it is, this is exactly how punk should be. they blend hardcore with punk with a little bit of metal with a dab and twist of alternative. the songs are not at all poppy and rarely have anything with a pathetic teenage loveache. the first song BLEW my mind and i was instantly hooked, “escape from hellview.” the song tells about how the singer escapes from this horrid place and watching his friends die, an excellent and addicting song that is fast paced and tells a story. HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN!? A SONG THAT TELLS A STORY! AND IT’S GOOD. “shock and terror” has a very addicting riff. the guitars are simply amazing and rarely have i been this exciting for a “well-known” band. most well-knowns are…crap because they sell for money. CKY is a band that does music because they want to, because it’s what is good for their fans. this is music that is really made for the fans, not just for stupid kids who think they are fans. “sink into the underground” has a bassline that will make lightning sound like carebears. this album is awesome, this is a band who won’t sellout, who knows good music, HOW to make it, and is a fan-based band. buy this album if you are into good music, period.

    Posted on December 27, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Well, here it is. The album that me along with many members of the CKY Alliance have been anticipating for many long months. I will say that I had incredibly high expectations for this album. From what I had heard, it was going to be the greatest album I’d ever heard. Finally, September 24 came. I went to the mall right after school to pick up my copy. I popped it in the CD player and hit play…wow.I was immediately blown away. My expectations were met. This IS the greatest album I’ve ever heard.A lot of people may ask what CKY sounds like. Truth is, I can’t tell you what they sound like. They are CKY – pure, unadultered rock. They don’t care about current trends in music…they do their own thing and they do it well. They stand alone among a sea of drugged out rappers, wussy “punk” rockers and Creed clones. I really respect that from a group of musicians.Every track contains the same equation of grooving drums, heavy guitar riffs and melodic singing; certainly something different. Don’t get me wrong – this doesn’t mean all the tracks sound the same. Quite the opposite. Every song is different than the next and previous, which really helps keep the listener’s interest. I could listen to this CD on a neverending loop 24 hours a day and not get sick of it.”Escape from Hellview” is the track I anticipated the most, and it really rocks hard. “Flesh into Gear” and “Attached at the Hip” are great songs and have videos for them on the CD. Things slow down a bit for the soothing “Frenetic Amnesic”, the funky “Shock and Terror” and the upbeat “Plastic Plan” but start rocking hard again with “Inhuman Creation Station” and “Sporadic Movement”. The album closes with the beautiful acoustic peace, “Close Yet Far”.Overall, CKY’s latest album is a work of genius. Five stars doesn’t come close to suiting its brilliance. I recommend this (along with their first release, CKY Volume One) to anyone who’s sick of mainstream crap-rock and wants to hear something fresh. The revolution is here. ~IDR

    Posted on December 27, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Before i listened to CKY i was an average teenager filled with rage and ticked music, then i started skateboarding, then i was introduced to CKY. from the time following this, my musical interests were honed to a more melodic yet rough sound. CKY comes through with this in Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild. Through the entire CD catchy riffs from Darren Miller partnered with his tough sketchy vocals make every song amazing. This is very evident in Escape from hellview, flesh into gear, Inhuman Creation Station, and Attached at the hip. while the others prove to be in a state of melancholy, an atmospheric touch. But this enhances the quality of the CD and proves CKY to be extremly diverse. note close yet far as a nice calm end to the Album, leaving you standing in amazment at CKYs growth since Volume 2

    Posted on December 27, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This CD is one of the best CD’s I’ve heard in a long time. The music is so well put together. This is a band that really puts effort into their work. The 10 tracks are great. Each song is a masterpiece. Not a single one is filler or thrown together slop used just to fill space. Each song has a different vibe to it but they all mesh together to form a sonic event. Deron and Chad’s guitar work is so expressive and unique. Jess’ drumming is solid and stylish. And Vern live is a trip! Standout tracks like ‘Escape From Hellview’, ‘Flesh Into Gear’ & ‘Plastic Plan’ are just damn great. Get this album now and if you don’t have it, get Vol. 1 too. Then go see them live. Support the Mission!

    Posted on December 26, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Like most people, I was introduced to the music of CKY (Camp Kill Yourself) through “Jackass” and the like (afterall, drummer Jess Margera is Bam Margera’s brother). When I heard “Flesh Into Gear” rolling over the credits for “Jackass: The Movie,” I knew I had to check into the band. “Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild” is CKY’s second studio album, and some of the most explosive and unique hard-rock songs of the past few years are contained within. The band takes elements from hardcore and heavy metal and fuse them seamlessly with Deron Miller’s equally abrasive and melodic vocals. The band seems to work very well together, the chemistry shows through, and it’s a mature effort, even if the group’s foray into home videos is a bit immature (but nevertheless amusing). The heavy dirge-like “Escape From Hellview” kicks the album off on the right foot. “Flesh Into Gear” and “Frenetic Amnesic” are more groove oriented, and compliment the more straight-forward metal tunes like “Sink Into The Underground” and “Sporadic Movement.” “Close Yet Far” is my personal favorite song on here, and is the closest the band gets to ballad territory. Overall, it’s a solid album. The disc can appeal to just about any fan of hard-rock. It may be a bit brief at only 10 tracks and 33 minutes, but it is perfect the way it is. CKY seem to be on the verge of big things, they have a rapidly growing fanbase and there is certainly not a shortage of material from the band, whether it’s in the form of their music or in their insane home videos. Plus, the disc is dirt cheap, so what more do I have to do to convince you?

    Posted on December 26, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now