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  • Well, here it is. The album that me along with many members of the CKY Alliance have been anticipating for many long months. I will say that I had incredibly high expectations for this album. From what I had heard, it was going to be the greatest album I’d ever heard. Finally, September 24 came. I went to the mall right after school to pick up my copy. I popped it in the CD player and hit play…wow.I was immediately blown away. My expectations were met. This IS the greatest album I’ve ever heard.A lot of people may ask what CKY sounds like. Truth is, I can’t tell you what they sound like. They are CKY – pure, unadultered rock. They don’t care about current trends in music…they do their own thing and they do it well. They stand alone among a sea of drugged out rappers, wussy “punk” rockers and Creed clones. I really respect that from a group of musicians.Every track contains the same equation of grooving drums, heavy guitar riffs and melodic singing; certainly something different. Don’t get me wrong – this doesn’t mean all the tracks sound the same. Quite the opposite. Every song is different than the next and previous, which really helps keep the listener’s interest. I could listen to this CD on a neverending loop 24 hours a day and not get sick of it.”Escape from Hellview” is the track I anticipated the most, and it really rocks hard. “Flesh into Gear” and “Attached at the Hip” are great songs and have videos for them on the CD. Things slow down a bit for the soothing “Frenetic Amnesic”, the funky “Shock and Terror” and the upbeat “Plastic Plan” but start rocking hard again with “Inhuman Creation Station” and “Sporadic Movement”. The album closes with the beautiful acoustic peace, “Close Yet Far”.Overall, CKY’s latest album is a work of genius. Five stars doesn’t come close to suiting its brilliance. I recommend this (along with their first release, CKY Volume One) to anyone who’s sick of mainstream crap-rock and wants to hear something fresh. The revolution is here. ~IDR

    Posted on December 27, 2009