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  • CKY is one of those bands that seem to be everywhere, mostly around psuedo-punk kids who have no respect for chords or real punk music. so, when i picked this cd up i was prepared to laugh and make create a -10 rating. wow, did i feel like an idiot. this album is amazing. it’s not just mere punk, it’s not “skateboard punk” either. it’s mature music, not stupid teeny bopper, my heart is broken, lubby dubby love song, pseudo-punk crap. this album cannot possibly be JUST punk, and if it is, this is exactly how punk should be. they blend hardcore with punk with a little bit of metal with a dab and twist of alternative. the songs are not at all poppy and rarely have anything with a pathetic teenage loveache. the first song BLEW my mind and i was instantly hooked, “escape from hellview.” the song tells about how the singer escapes from this horrid place and watching his friends die, an excellent and addicting song that is fast paced and tells a story. HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN!? A SONG THAT TELLS A STORY! AND IT’S GOOD. “shock and terror” has a very addicting riff. the guitars are simply amazing and rarely have i been this exciting for a “well-known” band. most well-knowns are…crap because they sell for money. CKY is a band that does music because they want to, because it’s what is good for their fans. this is music that is really made for the fans, not just for stupid kids who think they are fans. “sink into the underground” has a bassline that will make lightning sound like carebears. this album is awesome, this is a band who won’t sellout, who knows good music, HOW to make it, and is a fan-based band. buy this album if you are into good music, period.

    Posted on December 27, 2009