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  • I have maintained since I first heard the opening crashes of “Dimension: Hatross” that VoiVod were light years ahead of their time, primarily due to their futuristic image, Away’s excellent artwork, and most of all, the sonic supernova that was the late Dennis D’Amour, aka Piggy, VoiVod’s stellar guitarist.
    So talented was Piggy’s playing, mixing in the heaviness of thrash with advanced jazz chording, his secret weapon, that VoiVod played true industrial metal without samples, computers, or synthesizers, at least for the first several albums. Call it Terminator metal if you will. In a perfect world, VoiVod would be as huge as NIN instead of the beloved cult band they remain.
    “Infini” was constructed around the last guitar licks Piggy stored on computer before his tragic death due to cancer. Being the troopers they are, the remaining members rallied and completed a fine farewell CD, probably the strongest since “The Outer Limits”, an underrated masterwork if there ever was one. “God Phones” starts off with a bang. Piggy gives us some fine hooks this time around, better than the last CD “Katorz”, not that there’s anything wrong with that CD, either.
    Jason Newsted, who was treated so miserably by Metallica, gets his due as he has since joining VoiVod three CDs ago. His prominent basslines propel the rhythm section and serve to show us that Hetfield and Co. were cutting off their noses to spite their spoiled faces.
    The CD closer, “Volcano” is reminiscent of “Tornado” from the “Killing Technology” CD, showing a nod to their earlier ground breaking work.
    The Vods are troopers, indeed. They are actually touring, and one hopes that perhaps a worthy guitarist will join up and allow these metal pioneers to keep exploring darkest space.

    Posted on January 6, 2010