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  • I remember reading that Piggy was ill sometime ago and then hearing that he had indeed passes away from cancer. My first thoughts were that that was to bad! After picked up Katorz thinking that this was indeed the last Voivod release, I was surprised to see this release come about? However after reading how it came about I was happy that it did and looked forward to checking it out.

    Well after many spins, it’s a much better release all around than Katorz was. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Katorz for the most part, but it did take quite a few listens for me to finally warm up to it. Overall thought looking back, it was an average listen nothing more. This new release is very good, very good indeed. It’s catchy, riffy, fast, slow and fantastic. Piggy if the guitar tracks were indeed taken from your computer and then put together by the rest of the band, my friend Jason and the boys did you justice and you would have been proud of the final outcome. This cd does indeed deliver the goods and it’s a great farewell gift to your fans.

    Thanks and R.I.P.

    Posted on January 6, 2010