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  • Honestly, this album was much worse than i expected. Many of the previous reviewers overrated it to the extreme. The utter simplicity of the songs and the under-use of Jens Johanssen on this album almost make it sound very much like an 80’s hairband, which is quite boring to say the least. The tracks Glory of the World(which is written by Johansson), Infinity, and Hunting High and Low just barely save this album from being absolutely awful. The rest of the tracks sound like 80’s hairband songs, with lyrics and music alike very reminiscent of bands of bands like Dokken, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden or Poison.In my opinion stratovarius has yet to do a truly stellar album. Their best release is definitely Visions, and even that album has its share of bad tracks.Another thing id like to point out is how, from album to album, Timo Tolkki seems to rewrite songs. Like for instance, he always writes a song on every album that starts with a riff on the D or A string(that always seem to sound really similar), like Forever Free- from visions, Phoenix- from infinite, Im Still Alive-from Elements Part 2, Find Your Own Voice-from Elements part 1, Speed of Light- from Episode. unfortunately, i havent heard much from Destiny, so i cant really point anything out from there. Also, he always writes midtempo popish songs that have similar melodies or riffs from album to album, to the point as to where he is almost [reusing] his own music. Also, has anyone noticed that the melodies on the verses of Phoenix and Im Still Alive are exactly the same? One other thing that i can’t believe is how people love Timo Koltipelto’s voice. He could possibly be one of the worst singers ive heard in my life. In fact, Infinite is the only album where he really sings in tune for the entire thing(because he actually sings in his range). Normally he has an excellent voice, but he repeatedly tries to sing out of his range, and it sounds like an awful out of tune whining noise.Well, i guess thats my $0.02 on Stratovarius and Infinite. Overall, theyve done their share of decent stuff, but never completely on one album. I think it runs down to the fact that Tolkki ran out of ideas/talent after Visions. Get that album if you want to hear the majority of their better stuff.

    Posted on January 12, 2010