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  • I was 14 years old when this album was released. I went over to a friends house after school and through the door of his older brother’s room was the sound of this voice. The voice was, Steve Perry’s.
    I was already building a pretty diverse record collection. I told my friend to hang on for a second and literally stopped in my tracks and knocked on his brother’s door. He opened the door and said, “Hey, what’s up?” I asked who it was that he was listening to. He said, “Journey.” and showed me the cover. That friday night, I went to a local department store with my family and passed by the record section. There it was, “Infinity”. With the best looking artwork on the rack. I pulled out my lone $10 dollar bill and bought the record. It was on sale for $5.98!. This purchase began a journey of my own. They were my favorite band from 1978 to 1983’s “Frontiers”. I bought their records. Went to their concerts on every tour and watched them develop and implode. I didn’t know about terms like “corporate rock”, or the pending homogenization of rock radio that was beginning to happen. I just knew that i liked their sound. Roy Thomas Baker produced the album’s “Infinity” and “Evolution”. His production style was a major force to why and how they became so hugely successful. Infinity is an album for the ages and for all ages. Personally, The best Steve Perry Era album, and one which I am listening to right now at the age of 44, as I write this.
    It is one of the best rock album’s made in the 70’s. Waaaay beyond it’s time. It had class and soul and groove. The band played great and I feel that if you like good melodic, well sung rock music this is an absolutely stellar recording. If you are into the “New wave” or “punk” generation from the same era. You won’t dig this at all. It’s not angst. It’s beautifully played and arranged commercial rock music.
    A masterpiece.
    NOTE:I hadn’t heard Journey before this record (or so I thought). Actually, my older brother had “Look Into The Future” and “Next” in his collection. The pre-Steve Perry Journey is a fantastic lineup and great, great music. It’s this Journey without Steve Perry. But the great voices of Gregg Rolie (Santana’s co-founder and singer of Black Magic Woman) and Neal Schon (a Guitar Prodigy and fine singer in his own right) . The Pre-Steve Journey holds it’s own and deserves just as much attention from the record label and curious musician based fan.
    Remasters with bonus tracks, etc.

    Anyway, go and listen. Really listen.

    Posted on January 5, 2010