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Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas

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  • The title of this review says it all. This album is the fastest and most technical brutal death metal ever. Period. Not even bands of a similar nature such as Cryptopsy can even come close to it. Also, don’t fool yourself into thinking that the songs on this album must be incredibly simplistic and very repetitious to be so fast – these songs have as much variety in playing as they have in speed. From start to finish, “Informis…” will truly batter you and dazzle you with the absolutely insane abilities of Origin. Another pitfall to avoid is thinking that this is the kind of album that can ONLY be made in the studio – these guys are flawless performing live as they are on this disc, which is almost as amazing as the music itself. Many reviewers have written glowing reviews about this album, and none of them have been in vain. Particularly stand out tracks (though ALL are amazing) are “Inhuman”, “Meat For The Beast” and “Portal”. If you’re into the absolute extreme technical death metal ala Cryptopsy and perhaps Myrkskog (their new album), then I VERY HIGHLY recommend this! It will forever be a stand out album in terms of its unique nature and one of a kind sound. It is a challenge to the rest of the extreme metal community to possibly try and match. The band’s name speaks the truth – they truly are the modern ‘origin’ of amazing, technical death metal.

    Posted on December 16, 2009