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  • I’ll start off by saying that if you are a fan of the eclectic Pat, Pat who did albums such as “Tropico”, “Seven the Hard Way”, & even “True Love”, this record is for you.

    Neil Giraldo (guitarist/husband/producer) & Pat both manage to draw together a focused record based in folk, latin, rock, & soul textures. “Innamorata” is a winner & finds Pat secure in her lyrics & voice.

    Thematically, this is probably the most unified album Pat has done in quite sometime. Many of the songs deal with relationships, going through the phases of intense affection & then dissatisfaction. But, unlike the meandeing anger of “Innamorata’s” follow-up 2003’s “Go!”, there is an world weary experience to the songs here. As if Pat put her own relationship struggles into these songs, which brings them across as genuine & passionate, rather than tired & done.

    Soundwise, many of the songs are based within mid-tempo or ballad settings (“Papa’s Roses”), or can pick up the pace & surprise a listener by rocking out (“Strawberry Wine”, “River of Love”). Many of these mix in the folk & latin textures I spoke of very well, keeping them subtle, but close enough to the surface of the song to add flavor.

    Vocally, Pat proves again why her monicker as just a “rock singer” pigeonholes her talent. This woman’s voice is full of passion & conviction, sporting a control (over pitch) rarely seen.

    Overall, a much more solid effort than 1993’s “Gravity’s Rainbow” & (as stated) 2003’s misfire “Go!”. Neil & Pat sound fresh here & manage to maintain why they have crafted such timeless music since 1979.

    Highly recommended!

    Posted on March 17, 2010