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Innocence & Instinct (CD/DVD)

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  • Red’s new album Innocence and Instinct is my most favorite recording of all time. The passion in their voices, the strings and piano, the rocking guitar and best of all–the intense screams–are just incredible. The leader singer has really stepped up his game and polished his voice. While End of Silence was full of emotion, at times, the band tended to sound whiny. This CD is not whiny in the least–rest assured. If you don’t like bands full of intensity and singing about the struggles of daily life, then pass this one on. The issues are real, as is fervor. There is much more substance behind this, their second album. Spring for the Deluxe version–it is so worth it. On a side note, seeing the band live is phenomenal. They put on a great show!

    Posted on December 23, 2009