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  • There is no word in the English dictionary that accurately describes this work of genius. It is absolutely amazing, unbelieveable, incredible. I have almost every Queen album, this was the first one I purchased aside from the greatest hits, and it still reigns supreme over all the other Queen albums. “Innuendo” (the song) is my favorite Queen song, it is amazing. It opens with a drum roll which makes you jump upon first listen. Freddie Mercury sounds better than ever before. The highlight of the track is the “wandering minstrel” guitar interlude beginning at 3:16, it starts out in 5/4 time, then goes into 6/4 after a couple of choruses. Absolutely amazing. “I’m Going Slightly Mad” is a humorous track, which is somewhat Noel Coward-ish. “Headlong” is an excellent rocker, will please metalheads everywhere with its heavily distorted guitar riffs and excellent solos. “I Can’t Live With You” is a fantastic song, with great lyrics and instrumentation. “Don’t Try So Hard” features one of Freddie Mercury’s ultimate vocal performances, absolutely beautiful, will bring tears to some eyes, no joke. Roger Taylor must have been the primary force behind “Ride The Wild Wind,” as his drums really stand out on this fast, heart-pumping track. “All God’s People” is classic Freddie Mercury, with its complex, multilayered vocals ala “Somebody To Love” or “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Next is the haunting track “These Are The Days Of Our Lives,” a song about looking back on childhood and enjoying life as an adult. This song was also the last music video filmed by Queen as a foursome with Freddie. “Delilah” is a cute, little ditty about Freddie’s favorite cat of the same name. Then in charges “The Hitman,” which rocks and reels us all like just like the album’s earlier track “Headlong.” Next is “Bijou,” an instrumental with a brief lyric from Freddie. This track features incredible guitar work by virtuoso Brian May himself, beautiful.Finally, the all-out finale “The Show Must Go On” closes the album. This song is most likely the track that defines the Innuendo album. As most of you know, this was the last album Queen released before Freddie Mercury died. He said to his bandmates that he wanted to keep on making records until he was no longer alive to record more music. This song speaks of his attitude toward his state. Freddie was extremely ill with AIDS at the time of recording this album, and was determined to give it his all. “Inside my heart is breaking, my makeup may be flaking but my smile still stays on.” This lyric speaks of his exact feeling, sometimes it got so bad he had to prop himself up on the desk and sing. It means that AIDS is taking over him, but he will ignore it and keep going, “I’ll face it with a grin, I’m never giving in, on with the show….”Innuendo was released on February 5, 1991. On November 24th of that same year, Freddie Mercury was dead. He left this world after he and his bandmates released an album of the most incredible music they could ever do. They knew they were on borrowed time, so they pushed themselves to the limits, and by doing so, they did it better than they ever could have done, with one simple thought of determination, “the show must go on.” They continued right up until Freddie was to ill to work. Now and forever, the show will go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on………..

    Posted on March 4, 2010