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  • To this day-and this is after having had-and loving ‘Innuendo’ for almost twelve years now-this album still blows me away for many reasons. One? The songs. (&) Two? The collective brilliance of how Brian May,Roger Taylor,John Deacon-and most stupefyingly-Freddie Mercury defied the odds and crafted such a stirring swan song as ‘Innuendo’. How Is It that one man can sing better than he ever had (oh,did he…) and be thisclose to succumbing to terminal illness? My Lord: “Innuendo”,”The Show Must Go On”,”Headlong”,”I’m Going Slightly Mad”,”Delilah”,”All God’s People”,”These Are The Days Of Our Lives”….It’s been said that upon learning his time was very limited here on earth,Freddie insisted he and Queen return to the studio pronto and do as much work as God would give them time-wise… As Brian May has said in interviews following Freddie’s passing in autumn 1991,Freddie was typically only physically able to sing what he did an hour or two at a time each recording session until he was unfortunately spent by the rigors of his illness.. Only to try again until he just couldn’t do anymore that day by propping himself up against the console and having a crack at it all again: Never Giving In. Let THAT be a lesson to ANYONE about it not being how much time you put into something you do,but How Much The Time Vested COUNTS. Freddie could sing in an hour’s time in a studio what ten vocalists couldn’t in a week’s time… Need a better picture of what I mean here? Then hear ‘Innuendo’ front to back: from the amazing opener “Innuendo” through to the more-apt-than-apt album closer “The Show Must Go On”(which features some of Freddie’s most…unreal yet very real….singing ever heard).Amazing,AMAZING stuff. Let there be no mistake though: as fine as everyone’s performances are on ‘Innuendo’,Freddie basically steals the show here with ‘Innuendo’ as being as super-human a vocalist and spirit as he so certainly does on ‘Innuendo’. Don’t be swayed by all of these 5 star reviews and have a cynical tongue in that cheek there: Freddie never sang this amazingly; his range even got more broader and intense than at any other time in Queen’s history… But moreover,’Innuendo’ contains some of THE Very Best Queen material ever released. Period. (And,no,I’m not being too sentimental in light of how the band ended with Freddie’s death. This Record-By Itself-Is Brilliant. Period. ) Every element that ever characterized Queen up until ‘Innuendo’ with all sorts of facets that seal the deal in how ‘Innuendo’ is as timeless and solid a Queen album as even ‘A Night At The Opera’,'Sheer Heart Attack’,'The Game’ or ‘Queen II’. Perhaps moreso ‘Innuendo’ than the other albums for it’s overall scope of content and it’s true from-the-gut intensity. I can’t say enough words that hit the mark enough to give this album justice. I can only hope any one of you reading a review like this here can find out for yourself by buying and listening to ‘Innuendo’ for yourselves… I’m still blown away by what Freddie had pulled out of his soul for ‘Innuendo’(he and all of Queen),and the heartwarming fact that all four members bandied together as productively as they had and brewed up such a potent,potent album that has all of their whimsy,humor and good spirits served up with a fitting,superbly-poignant overall-dose of grasping one’s own mortality-staring in the face of it as if to say “I dare ya to take me when I’ve got THIS to do yet!” -and THEN creating said album. (If you should find yourself into ‘Innuendo’,the posthumously-released ‘Made In Heaven’ record from 1995 is worthy of mention; for it contains the very last studio sessions of what began with ‘Innuendo’.. Fine album in itself..) Above ALL else: one of the best pop/rock star personalities ever; one of the most naturally-charismatic frontmen of any genre of music (And Queen is many genres; as ‘Innuendo’ but one example attests…) and above any tragedy or any sexuality,Freddie Mercury was,is and remains one of the most gifted vocalists,musicians and songwriters ever. But Mostly,after knowing him through the music and times of Queen,he stands tallest as being as truly beautiful a person as he was. Period. Ask any self-respecting singer in just about any band or outfit and I’m sure they’ll be quick to give Freddie his due props in admiration,affection,respect and awe for the vocal chops and command Freddie Mercury most certainly had (and has; as records=immortality). God Bless You Always: Freddie and the surviving members of Queen. ‘Innuendo’ is as good as it gets in serving up an unfortunately-premature salvo to such a legendary career. Yep; ‘Innuendo’ is one of the most solid,all-around brilliant records Queen has EVER made. ANd imagine that it was the last one made and released while Freddie Mercury was alive…Who better than them to lay claim to that? After all,they’ve created so many timeless and incredible songs and albums since 1973.. It’s so beautiful that they captured every element of joy and duress as they have with ‘Innuendo’ and with Freddie hanging on as brilliantly as he did while having the grace to accept his fate as he did.Brilliant album overall. Do yourself a favor and check it out/buy it.Thank You,Tim GoyerUSA

    Posted on March 5, 2010