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Inquisition Symphony

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  • Oh dear oh dear ! In my opinion, words would only succeed in degrading this second “effort” by Apocalyptica. Haa haa…that is somewhat of an exageration, yet this album is a purely magnificent piece of art. I thought their first album, though well-done, became tedious. But this…this is a step in a direction that music needs to make ! It’s wonderful listening to the four of them compose their own pieces (which I believe are better than the metallica songs .. except maybe Nothing Else Matters – that version is phenomenal). But what mystifies me is such songs as Refuse/Resist….which upon listening to, it’s hard to imagine this is simply four cellists ! There’s a cello solo in this….true, there were cello solos in the first album..but NOT like this one – this cello solo rivals many a guitar solo I’ve EVER heard! Anybody who doesn’t consciously choose to listen to this, is merely cheating their minds and ears !

    Posted on February 24, 2010