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Inside Information

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  • There seems to be a misconception about Foreigner’s 1987 album, “Inside Information,” the misconception being that the album was a commercial disappointment. Granted, it didn’t sell *as* well as the band’s first five albums, but it still sold well enough, and it still gave the band a pair of Top 10 hit singles, “Say You Will” and “I Don’t Want To Live Without You.” A commercial disappointment? Hardly. While not the band’s masterpiece, “Inside Information” is a fine Foreigner album with many great tunes to spare. Being recorded in the late 80’s, it was only natural for Foreigner to give this album a more keyboard-heavy, polished feel, but they certainly didn’t forget about their knack for rockin’, or for writing good hooks. Led by the fiery guitar of Mick Jones and the powerful pipes of Lou Gramm, Foreigner came through with another great record. “Heart Turns To Stone,” “Can’t Wait,” the catchy hit “Say You Will,” the take-no-prisoners “Counting Every Minute,” the title song, “The Beat Of My Heart” (with it’s surprising flamenco guitar intro before giving way to the band’s thunder), “Face To Face” and “A Night To Remember” are all great rockers. “I Don’t Want To Live Without You,” the other hit single from the album, is a very beautiful song, and “Out Of The Blue” is an excellent power ballad. Though not as revered as their earlier albums–and, strangely, never given a much-deserved remaster treatment like their earlier albums–”Inside Information” is a very exceptional Foreigner disc. So pick it up and enjoy this high-powered buried treasure from Mick, Lou & the boys.

    Posted on January 21, 2010