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Inside Information

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  • Inspiration must have hit BIG time here. Following Lou Gramm’s solo READY OR NOT, itself better than half of Foreigner’s group efforts, INSIDE INFORMATION is an album that became my favorite of everything they ever did. Emotions rushing out of control, turmoil in the mind & heart, desperation over unrequited love, pleas for communication and finally, unrestrained nights of wild passion. It’s all here in the best set of songs from this band to hit my ears and work their way into my soul. EVERY song is a GREAT one this time. From “Heart Turns To Stone” (about a mistreated woman who’s taken her last abuse), “Say You Will” (a man practically begging a confused woman he loves to make up her mind!) “Inside Information” (what does it take to figure out what’s really going on?) “Out Of The Blue” (sometimes lightning really DOES strike in your love life) to “A Night To Remember” (the onrushing, epic climax– which, NO, is NOT about the Titanic!). What can I say? A PERFECT album!!

    Posted on January 21, 2010