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  • This Foreigner album is a pretty good effort, they can write god songs. I know I wont be popular saying this but I personally prefer a harder edged album like ‘Agent Provocateur’ or ‘Head Games’ but this album shows the band can write a diverse array of styles, but I just feel they should focus more on what they do best. Sure, there aren’t any bad songs on this album, they’re all pretty good, but I think it’s real brash hard-rock which is their best asset. This album is just a little too MOR for Foreigner. I mean I’m not saying they should only do hard-rock; ‘Out of the blue’ is a terrific song, and some of the other ballad’s are pretty good too, but I feel their just should be more full-on rockers. That is, of-course, just my opinion. We do have ‘beat of my heart’ which is another kick-ass number. It’s good music, but perhaps not my favourite of Foreigner.

    Posted on January 21, 2010