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Inside Information

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  • Inside Information(1987). Foreigner’s sixth studio album.When it comes to Foreigner’s 80s output, most people generally think of the many contemporary pop/rock ballads such as ‘Waiting For A Girl Like You’ or ‘I want To Know What Love Is’. While this album showcases more songs of that style in the form of the hits ‘Say You Will’ and ‘I Don’t Want To Live Without You’, we forget that Foreigner can still rock hard like they did in the 70s. Well, maybe not as hard, but their heavier material in the 80s is too often overlooked.The album kicks off with ‘Heart Turns To Stone’ and ‘Can’t Wait’, two great hard rockers. Then we get to the two aformentioned balladic hits off the album. Very good songs, though they had their fair share of radio airplay. Next we get to another good rocker, ‘Counting Every Minute’. The title track is undeniably pop, but also undeniably catchy. Following it is yet another rocker, ‘The Beat Of My Heart’. ‘Face To Face’ is my favorite of the underrated tracks off the album, combining the hard rock sense of ‘Heart Turns To Stone’ with the melodic stylings of ‘Say You Will’ to a good effect. Closing the album is the touching ballad ‘Out Of The Blue’ and mid tempo rocker ‘A Night To Remember’.Overall, this is a great Foreigner album. But why not five stars? Redundancy among the song types. With the exception of the last song, all of the hard rocker tracks on here sound very similar to one another. Likewise, the ballads carry this same trait. Still, Inside Information is definitely one of the better albums to come out that year. As another reviewer put, this album showed songs full of emotion and conviction in a time when other bands were singing about partying & girls. This may not be Foreigner in their 70s prime, but if you are interested in what they did in the 80s, Inside Information is probably the best bet to go with.

    Posted on January 22, 2010