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Inside Information

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  • Foreigner’s 6th studio album, Inside Information is better than their previous album but not up to the standards of the first 4 albums, Heart Turns to Stone is a good song, Can’t Wait is alright but not the album’s best, Say You Will is Foreigner’s best song during the Post-4 era and it became a Top 10 hit but it didn’t have much staying power on the radio, I Don’t Want to Live Without You is a good ballad even though Lou Gramm was half-hearted about it, a very good song but not quite a classic as I Want to Know What Love Is and Waiting For a Girl Like You, unfortunately, Without You became Foreigner’s last Top 40 hit,Counting Every Minute is actually a good song, Inside Information is the album’s title track but it’s pretty forgettable, The Beat of My Heart is another good song off this album but the rest of the songs go downhill.This album sadly became Foreigner’s last Top 100 selling album and they were one of the most successful bands during the late 1970’s/early 1980’s and things started to go downhill.This album also seems to be more focus than its predecessor.

    Posted on January 22, 2010