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  • This is one of my favorite albums in my Deicide collection. I brought it somewhere in the summer of 2000 but long before the release of it, the song Bible Basher was leaked as an MP3 on an old Deicide site called the Behead The Prophet site which later became the Insineratehym site to commemerate the upcoming release of the album. At the time, I didn’t have a mechanism to download MP3’s. So I couldn’t download and listen to the song. Than after while, all the songs were leaked out as MP3’s and many people started saying a lot of really bad stuff about it as if it was going to be Deicide’s worst album. I always knew that Deicide wasn’t just going to go into a studio and spend their hard-learned money and produce and put out an album that sucks. That was jus not going to happen. So anyway, I couldn’t download MP3’s. So I was just going to have to wait until the album was released. So when the date of its release came, I went to the Spec’s music store close to where my grandparents lived and brought the album. Than, I took it home to listen to it and like always, Deicide delivered. Yeah, there were people who brought it and some of them loves it, some liked it, some thought it was OK and some thought it was a piece of trash. So as you can see, the album got mixed reviews, even in the magazine press but I was one of the many who loved it. I loved it and that’s all that mattered.

    Now for my review. With this album, it’s another new direction for Deicide. The heaviness, brutality, intensity, aggression and evil are all here. There are plenty of solos, killer riffs and blast beats. There are some slow, medium-paced and fast songs. The production and sound are chucky and heavy. The lyrics are still Anit-God and Anit-Christainity but a little bit but more personal. The “Hail Satan” thing makes a return but without any emphasis on things like Satanism, sacrifice, necronomicon and that kind of thing. The themes are about insulting God and Christains, refusing to convert to Christainity as a show of repentence and the foolishness of Christains who feel that they must suffer for their faith. Plus, there’s a song called The Gift The Keeps On Giving who’s lyrics are pretty much in the same vain as This Is Hell We’re In from Serpents Of The Light. All in all, it’s a really awesome killer album. Some of my favorite songs here are Bible Basher, Standing In The Flames, Halls Of Worship, Suffer Again and Apocalyptic Fear. Get this album and prepere to be insinerated.

    Posted on March 13, 2010