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  • Satan’s most loyal servants Deicide are back on what is sure tobe the most hotly debated album amongst their following (of which I ama member). “Insineratehymn” (clever title) shows a newly found maturity in the evil ones; the band now adding all matter of bizarre time changes, slow, crunchy bridges, and some truly inventive riffs courtesy of the Hoffman brothers (that’s Eric and Brian) to create their first truly standout album from the rest of their impressive catalogue of old-school death metal. The blastbeats now have taken a backseat to darker, heavier passages, and Lord Benton (that’s Glen) here exercises more restraint with his vocal cords, sounding much more natural, yet still possessing that unmistakable “dual-tone” roar of his…best songs being “Apocalyptic Fear” with it’s Slayer/Bay Area thrash influences, “The Gift That Keeps On Giving” with it’s weird song structure (technical complexity is this album’s biggest trademark), and “Forever Hate You” with Deicide’s best guitar work to date, reminding me a lot of the kind of thing Possessed (remember them?) and Death used to crank out. Two factors, however, caused me to stop short of giving this disc the full five: 1) The production is a bit thin in spots, particularly the snare drum and rhythym guitar, occasionally sapping some of the heaviness of some of the material (no Scott Burns this time around to helm the mixing board), and, 2) while the song titles and lyrics are now much less tacky this time around, The band still continues to write entire albums with the same archaic Satan/Christ-bashing themes that have long since lost their shock value. Compared to some of their modern peers (particularly the numerous black metal bands coming out of Scandinavia these days, with their almost poetic approach to occult lyrics), Benton’s rants are sounding increasingly juvenile and embarrassing. Nonetheless, Deicide here show that they still are the kings of old-school death metal. Check your brains at the door, dust of your baphomet, and meet me in the pit.

    Posted on March 13, 2010