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Into Darkness/Eternal Frost

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  • If the galaxies of Black Sabbath’s “Into the Void” and Celtic Frost’s “Dawn of Megiddo” collided, the aftermath would be something like Winter’s early 1990’s recording _Into Darkness_. From its haunting, black and white sleeve image to the bleak strains of opening intro “Oppression Freedom,” this is without doubt one of the finest doom metal albums ever. The guitars here produce the heaviest, low-end, de-tuned sounds you may ever hear. The solos, when they appear, are Iommi-like, screeching, fuzzy, and two-channelled, so as to merely be heard over the black din of the rhythm section. This is one platter that must be heard to be believed. It has quality playing, quality lyrics (supposedly about the abuse of earth’s natural resources) and searing, atmospheric, melodic performances. Slow, intense, and powerful, _Into Darkness_ will always be at the top of some of the finest sludge ever perpetrated; a fact which is proved by the Nuclear Blast re-release of this important title over a decade since its recording. The digipak includes the “Eternal Frost” EP which contains 5 additional tracks including the ambient/noise experiment “Manifestations I,” created entirely with guitar. Though this NY trio broke up shortly after the album’s release, the doom-encrusted chords and apocalyptic message they committed to tape remain. Recommended.

    Posted on February 21, 2010