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Into Darkness/Eternal Frost

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  • ixion nails it with his review. I won’t repeat his thoughts, but I will add my own.
    This combination of the early 90’s doom metal group, Winter gave birth to a combination of two genres of metal, Doom and Death. The slow tempos and extremely downtuned music of doom fronted by the scowling vocals of death. Most Definately not genres of music you will hear on mainstream radio or especially…well I won’t mention such atrocities here on an excellent album.

    I am more drawn to doom metal than death metal myself. Though I do have quite a collection of death metal groups. Thus the music of Winter really draws me in prompting me to always give the disc another listen.
    Doom metal fans: You won’t be disappointed in Winter at all. This album is currently out of print, so when you manage to see this around (particularly online) pick it up Immediately!!!!

    Posted on February 21, 2010