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Into the Now

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  • Tesla has always struck me as a band that, in spite of emerging at the wrong time, still had enough chops to rise above the garbage that was the mid 80s “Hair Band” marketing blitz. If Tesla showed up in the late 70s to say 1982, they would’ve never had to bear the burden of MTV’s hair nation. The band has always shown top notch musical capabilities and excellent songwriting skills. Their accoustical shows of the early 90s exemplified their ability to play outside of the box and proved that they were musicians capable of more than producer/studio driven nonsense that record companies pound out like aluminum cans when they think they’ve got a new revenue stream. But enough of that, onto the present day.

    Tesla returns years later with a very nice recording that once again shows that they are still worthy of putting out new music. Released on the Sanctuary label ( a haven for so many acts from the past). “Into The Now” shows a mature band staying somewhat true to what it has always done, while at the same time adapting to the mood of the current music scene. Reference Scorpions and “Unbreakable” as another example of this. There is enough of everything for everyone with “Into The Now”, that no one should truly be disappointed with the tracks on this record. Jeff’s vocals are every bit the Jeff of old and while the band has given way to some of the solo indulgence that permeated the 80s, they are still dialed into every song they play with the precision of a band who knows and enjoys what they’re doing and isn’t pressured to deliver a certain sound.

    I’m uncertain as to how many units this release has sold to date, but it certainly has proven that this band deserves to have another effort released and remain exposed to the public at large. While it won’t be a rejuvination to the extent of Aerosmith in the late 80s, it certainly would compliment acts like Alice Cooper and the aforementioned Scorpions both of whom continue to deliver quality music at the later stages of their careers.

    Posted on February 13, 2010