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Into the Now

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  • (I’ll probably lose all credibility here, but I LIKE the song “Mighty Mouse”…kinda has a Bad Company-esque stomp to it, and it sounds pretty damn good with the volume up. Thought I’d mention that off the bat, in case you want to skip the rest of this review…heh)

    Anyway, Into the Now is a solid comeback album from Tesla, their first since 1994’s Bust A Nut. In fact, some of my younger friends who missed Tesla the first time around actually prefer this CD over the majority of today’s “modern” rock radio. For that reason, it’s reasonable to say it’s more than a nostalgia album…the music stands on its own, eras notwithstanding. My only negative is that there’s not as much variance with the tempos as their other albums. Pretty much all the tracks, rockers or ballads, move at a nearly identical pace. It woulda been nice to include a breakneck song or two to make a few heads spin, but the bottom line is the music still prevails. The Tesla sound is still there, but instead of resting on their laurels & pumping out retreads from 1986, they moved ahead into the 21st century. I for one like the “atmospheric” approach they took with the guitar playing on Into the Now…gives the album some interesting depth IMO.

    I’m not gonna say anyone’s gonna forget about Psychotic Supper or Mechanical Resonance after hearing ITN, but nevertheless it’s a satisfying Tesla release…

    Posted on February 13, 2010