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Into the Pandemonium

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  • Either you love this album or you hate it. This was Celtic Frost’s chance to put forth something really weird. For some it was too much of a deviation from the original ‘Frost sound, but for others who listened with unbiased ears and took the music for what it was, it was an epic masterpiece. Into The Pandemonium was one of the first Metal albums to incorporate classical Orchestrations and soprano vocals. No doubt a big influence on bands such as Believer, Dimmu Borgir and Emperor. Also it could very well be considered the first Goth Metal album as it incorporates many depressive Goth elements and Vocalizations that are uncannily close to Rozz Williams of Christian Death. Then of course there is the funky dance number but you can always hit the skip button right? Overall, Into The Pandemonium is essential. Immense, heavy, ultra dark and disturbing. Not to mention extremely intelligent and sophisticated.

    Posted on January 20, 2010