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Into the Pandemonium

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  • If you want to have more-or-less the complete history of metal in 1 CD, you have to buy this one.There’s not much of exaggeration in this statement. Celtic Frost were known for innovative and genre-defying nature of their music in mid-80s. This album is the pinnacle of their career.What we have here is diversity beyond imagination. While the general mood of the album can be described as proto-death/proto-doom metal (sorry, folks, there’s only so-so of thrash here), it doesn’t say it all.The album starts with an up-tempo “Mexican Radio”, the track that would be best described as break-beat meets death-metal. :) A fun and strong number. 2nd track, “Mesmerized”, a doomy track with moaning vocals that creates a sense of depression.”Inner Sanctum” is more in the tradition of Celtic Frost4th comes the absolutely groundbreaking “Tristesses de la Lune”. This one, featuring heavenly female voice layered over disturbing violin, with guitar noises in the background, at that time was music unheard of. 7-10 years later these same ideas are all around in many gothic, ethereal and neo-classic bands.”Babylon Fell” and “Caress into Oblivion” are again typical CF songs with shifting tempos, unique Tom G. Warrior’s vocals and driving rhythms.”One in Their Pride” was another example of never-before-heard music on this CD. Featuring a drum-machine imitation by human drummer, with sharp staccato rhythms, with spoken words samples and distorted voice layered here and there, it was as industrialized as it was possible for metal in those days. Amazing!”I Won’t Dance” is more of a “Mexican Radio”-type of track. Very catchy. Very original.”Rex Irae” and “Oriental Masquerade” conclude the album on a high note, being close to symphonic music, with a usual Celtic-Frost-touch.I have the 1st print of this CD, so it doesn’t feature any bonus tracks.I can hardly name any 80s metal album that deserves your attention more than this one. That’s too bad that names like Celtic Frost are almost forgotten now, because people are missing a lot. Highest recommendations.

    Posted on January 20, 2010