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Into the Pandemonium

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  • Into the Pandemonium is one of my favorite pieces of music. If I had to name my favorite Celtic Frost album, this would be it. I admire everything that Celtic Frost put out, but this disc is no doubt their most memorable and experimental. It offers many things throughout. The album kicks off with a cover of a song originally done by Wall of Voodoo called “Mexican Radio.” From beginning to end, this album never lets up. Favorite songs would be “Inner Sanctum” and “Rex Irae (Requiem).” “Rex Irae (Requiem)” is an amazing song that still fascinates me to this day with its melding of metal with classical music instrumentation. That song alone is worth owning this album for. Tom G. Warrior does a good job with the vocals also–everything from “Inner Sanctum” to “Mesmerized.” This disc is a mixed bag of styles and not just a standard metal album. The guitar work is great too. I believe that anybody that likes metal or just good music in general should own this album. I’ve never heard anything like it; a truly original album that stands on it’s own.

    Posted on January 20, 2010