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Into the Pandemonium

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  • Where do I start? How about with “Mexican Radio,” the song that starts the album – and who in their right mind makes the first track a cover song by a band that is nothing like yours (Wall of Voodoo)? That’s Celtic Frost, at least when they recorded Pandemonium. Thomas Gabriel Warrior(whatever he called himself back then) wanted to be different, and strange, and heavy, and strange … boy was this album ever strange. It has death metal riffs, thrash riffs, a pop song (I Won’t Dance – yes, that could be played on the radio if Gabriel wasn’t growling) … anyway, there’s a rap-sample (One in their Pride), there’s an orchestra playing in other songs, some lady is singing in French … holy hell, and what’s with Gabriel’s alter-ego whining/mourning/melancholy voice? When I first bought this (think I got it when it came out), I was blown away. I would imagine a lot of bands who strived to be different, and open their horizons to create new brands of music (that would include Voivod, Tool, Therapy?, Isis, and maybe even the short-lived Nothingface) would look to this album with envy. Celtic Frost was way ahead of its time (this was released in the late 80’s, remember), and unfortunately it never received the credit it deserved.
    If they did, maybe Celtic Frost’s later days would be different. Unfortunately, Gabriel had a brain fart of epic proportions. It stunk so bad, that the rest of the band quit, and he signed off on the release of “Cold Lake,” which in my opinion, is the biggest sellout in the history of the universe (one of the band members in the album photo is wearing suspenders, and has his zipper down, and Gabriel teased his hair up!?!?!?!). You almost have to buy that album to believe it – but you’ll never listen to it again.
    Come to think of it, though, Celtic Frost was probably the first death metal band to transform into a Pop-Glam Metal band in a matter of a few years. Now THAT’S strange…but not as strange as “Into the Pandemonium.”

    Posted on January 20, 2010