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Into the Pit

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  • I am more of a fan of traditional metal and hard rock than speed metal. But this set is a good one of the speed metal type because it has the gigantically talented Rob Halford in it. I would say however that if he weren’t in this band I wouldn’t have bought this set. That’s how much his presence means to this effort in my book. It’s got alot of music for a great price though; and if you like speed metal you’ll really dig it as one of the better of that type of metal. But if you are like me and rarely listen to any metal that’s not traditional , or melodic type (scorpions, priest, helloween, kiss, iron maiden , ufo, girlschool, gary moore, van halen, aerosmith ,runaways, led zeppelin, def leppard etc,) or earlier 1960’s-70’s hard rock-metal then you’d be better off buying some regular priest disc instead of this one. But if you can occasionally enter into this type of metal then this would be a great one to get for it’s large amount of music for a great price , excellent musicians play on this one as well so that’s another bonus for a buyer too.

    Posted on January 28, 2010