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Into the Pit

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  • This box set contains all three FIGHT albums, “War of Words”, “Mutations” and “A Small Deadly Space”. The studios album have been remixed and remastered, while the remix “EP” has been remastered as well (it was already remixed, as that was the point to begin with.) It also comes with a DVD of a live performance at Phoenix.

    The first album, 1993’s “War of Words” is material very similar to what the next Priest album would have been like had Rob not left. After all, he still had Scott Travis on drums. The 2nd album, 1995’s “A Small Deadly Space” has Rob experimenting with the sound to mesh with the state of metal music in the mid-’90s. More of a ‘core sound to it. This album was not quite received as well as the first one due to that fact, but with this new remaster and remix, that strange ‘core vibe is gone to some extent. Or maybe it’s just that after 15 years, that particular vibe doesn’t bother metal fans as much, as we’ve all been inudated by it so much that we’ve grown accustomed to that sound.

    But anyway, the remixed and remastered sound on these discs makes these three early ’90s releases sound quite modern. Much heavier. More bass. They sound like they were recorded yesterday. This is the way remastering and remixing should be done. Metallica take note. Same thing to Dave Mustaine as well, for his contraversial 2004 remixing of the Capitol Records releases. Don’t have to change the tempo or whatever, just bring out the sound of the instruments that were already there.

    I have all theses albums uploaded on YouTube at my channel “Lincoln6Echo1″ in 720p HD quality. Check’em out.

    Posted on January 29, 2010