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  • Foxy Shazam was recommended to me by an acquaintance of mine whom had helped them engineer their soon forth-coming album. The first song I was shown was Dangerous Man … which is a FANTASTIC song! However, the rest of the album fell FAR short of the talent in Dangerous Man. In fact, I still wonder if they just jammed some of these songs out in the studio prior to recording them, because, despite some catchy riffs and hooks, there is hardly any substance to the rest of the album.

    To be fair, besides Dangerous Man, there were two songs I somewhat enjoyed: Red Cape Diver and Cool. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that this band sucks by any means – you can tell they are immensely talented – it’s just that they seem to lack the ideals on how to put together a good sounding set of songs … especially the singer: he’s really good, and you can tell, but he almost goes far out to weird styles and sings about really really dumb stuff.

    I would recommend buying the Dangerous Man mp3, because the song is amazing. Other than that, look around for some samples of the songs before you buy.


    Posted on November 19, 2009