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Ire Works

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  • Sure to be on many lists as the avant-garde go-to posterboys of the year, The Dillinger Escape Plan once again manage to raise the ante and boldy go where (nearly) no one has gone before. Complex, experimental, and sarcastic, “Ire Works” is a hard album to love or hate. Veering wildly from the now stereotypical “mathcore” blueprint of outrageous heaviness and complexity to Da Da-esque absurdity and funky, hook-laden pop, the average listener to much of what passes for popular music these days should probably be forgiven for percieving this album as some sort of weird joke…and therein lies the genius.

    For all the abrasive, pummeling intensity of the one-two punch album opener of “Fix Your Face” and “Lurch”, one is suddenly confronted with it’s polar opposite, the Rick James-meets-J-pop-sugary-sweet-catchiness of “Black Bubblegum”, and the rest of this bizarre release begins to conform to this pattern, constantly catching you off guard and revealing yet another humorously skewed post-metal in-joke. Imagine, if you will, an aberrant auditory conglomeration of King Crimson, Meshuggah, Mr Bungle, Tangerine Dream, Return To Forever and the Flaming Lips, and you might be in the ballpark. It is quite an interesting, fun and oddly addictive experience for the musically adventurous. Cool stuff.

    Posted on February 19, 2010